Request Items

Username What Where Date needed Rent or own
  car rh1 28/02/2018 Rent it
  ladder BH9 24/02/2018 Rent it
Margretha Drill SW20 02/03/2018 Rent it
Mimi28 Stapler hp18 21/02/2018 Rent it
  White chair covers Wiga 16/03/2018 Rent it
Lkstq Running buggy N16 14/02/2018 Rent it
joenihilator oculus rift dy84 19/02/2018 Rent it
  oculus rift dy84 02/12/2018 Rent it
  Dinning chairs Enfi 11/02/2018 Rent it
GazRoyales Jet wash OL2 09/02/2018 Rent it
Facebook - joannapawlas jet washer sw11 27/01/2018 Rent it
  heat gun rg42 24/01/2018 Rent it
  chainsaw nn71 11/01/2018 Rent it
  Infrared camera LU70 19/12/2017 Rent it
  Box Sw11 18/12/2017 Rent it
ClaireJ Patio heaters x 2 B92 31/12/2017 Rent it
  Glue pistol HU6 12/08/2017 Rent it
  Ladder TN3 03/12/2017 Rent it
Facebook - rhystrihy Fifa 18 NW10 12/02/2017 Rent it
Natelie Generator B97 09/12/2017 Rent it
ant-oxon Breaker or jackhammer ox14 12/09/2017 Rent it
  Staple gun CR3 24/11/2017 Rent it
  drill RG1 19/11/2017 Rent it
aron.mathe treadmill SE5 17/11/2017 Rent it
LM Drill Wc1x 18/11/2017 Rent it
Facebook - hollyarthurby Scanner (handheld) M27 25/11/2017 Rent it
  gazebos ng1 11/08/2017 Rent it
  Circular Saw sw19 29/10/2017 Rent it

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