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    Infrared Heating Panel Heater 960W

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    Infrared Heating Panel Heater 960W: Representing the cutting edge of heating technology, this 960W Infrared Heating Panel consumes just a tiny amount of electricity. It measures 800 x 1200mm x 22mm. Energy-efficient heater that saves money and produces a lot less CO2. This panel is white, with a silver coloured frame.

    How Infrared Heating Works: A new and incredibly innovative form of heating technology, Infrared panel heaters work by heating the objects in a room rather than the air. Amongst their many advantages, you’ll find they’re much greener, more energy-efficient method, infrared heating will substantially reduce both your electricity bills and your CO2 emissions. In comparison with other modes of heating such as electric convectors, this IR panel will consume just a fraction of the power, and provides a form of heat that’s completely safe. But Infrared heating panels such as this 960W model aren’t just safe, they’re actually good for your health! Due to the way they generate heat, they contribute to reducing dust circulation, inhibiting the mould-growth and eradicating damp.

    Please note that this heating panel comes as a panel only – no stand or installation fixings (however there are brackets attached to the rear of the panel), so the borrower will be responsible for standing/fixing the panel in an appropriate place, depending on his/her requirements.

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    Jun 20, 2018

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