Thank you for finding out more about Borroclub. We hope we have covered all your questions but if we haven’t please drop us an email at info@borroclub.co.uk. We would love to hear from you.

Let’s play fair!
Now then, we are not going to stop you using our service if you only want to borrow something.  But if everyone wants to borrow then we would have nothing on the site.  So to please load up at least one item so that we can keep growing the items that our members can borrow, thank you.  Right let’s answer some questions, lets go:

Who deals with the money?

We do, all payment are made securely online using Paypal.

What are the costs?

The costs for using the service are:

  • For the lender it is free to post items.
  • The borrower pays;
    • The lend fee set by the owner multiplied by the number of days.
    • Security deposit – As set by the owner.
    • Borroclub fee – This is our fee and is 25% of the total lend value.
    • Delivery fee – This is only payable if you or the lender choose the collection option.

All the above are listed clearly at checkout before final payment is taken.

25%! That seems a bit steep!
Not really, we take little micro payments to keep the Borroclub service going, here’s an example, if you borrow something for £5 you will pay us £1.25 so you will pay in total £6.25.

What’s this Borroclub thing all about?

Borroclub is a website where people can share their household items with other people within their local community. Here’s what we have learnt from our members who have used the service:

  • Connect with your community – Our members have met some lovely people through sharing and some have even had a cup of tea together!
  • Help the environment – By re-using what we already own removes the purchase of new items and in turn avoids the production and transportation of new items. As a result you are reducing tons of Co2 through sharing.
  • Earn some extra cash – You can become a micro-entrepreneur making some extra cash from lending out your stuff. For example, one member made over £70 in just 3 weeks from lending out four items.
  • Save money – Why bother buying something costing £100’s when you are only going to use it once. Here’s another example, a family borrowed a roof box and a cool box for their holidays and saved over £300 this helped them to pay for the holiday.
  • Support a local group through sharing – We have some great partners and you can direct all or part of your lend income to help with their great causes, visit our partners page to learn more here.
  • Avoid storage issues – You may not have the storage space required to store an item, fear not there is someone close to you that can lend you their item so you don’t need to store anything.
  • Get the job done – Because you need to hand the item back we have been told by our members that you get the job done.
  • Try before you buy – You can test an item in the real world and then if it appeals to you can make a more informed purchasing decision or if you didn’t like it then you haven’t wasted your hard earned cash.

How do I create an account?

You can use your email address, or even sign up via twitter and facebook. After you sign up, please be sure to fully complete your profile. A picture and a short bio are great to let people know who you are and they really help you to promote your posts.

Why should I lend my stuff?

Aside from earning and saving money, its a nice thing to do as you get to meet great people and help the planet.

Do I have to add something?

You don’t have to but why not as you can earn some extra cash and more importantly if we were all borrowing we would have nothing on the site.

How do I list an item?

On every page there is the “Share your stuff” button, click that to start posting. To get a good buzz for your listing, make sure you take a picture and detail what it is and what can be used for.

Photo’s (for the item)

You might find it difficult to get a photo of the item, so you can list without one but to get the most activity use a photo. We recommend using either jpeg, tif or png files.

What items should I list on Borroclub?

Anything that you own that works and that you are happy to rent out. Don’t forget we only deal with the stuff found in the home. Other people deal with other items like cars and homes. If you are interested in exploring other sharing businesses then drop us a line and we would be happy to put you in touch with them, we like sharing too!

I cannot find the right category for my item

We like to add new categories when items are added. Simply list the item under “Miscellaneous”. We regularly review the site and we will create a new category for you.

What if I need to use my own item?

There may be times when you want to use your item yourself (QUITE RIGHT it is yours after all!!), so you can pause all or some of your items.

How to pause one item for a set period of time:

  1. Go to your account page
  2. Find the item you want to pause from your list of items.
  3. Click on the pause icon.
  4. Enter the Start date and the number of days and your done.


How to pause all of your items for a set period of time:

  1. Go to your account page
  2. Next to your profile photo click on “Pause all”.
  3. Enter the Start date and the number of days and your done.


In both instances your listing(s) will automatically reactivate when the timeframe you set is over and by the way you can do it for multiple dates.

Who decides my rental and security deposit?

You do! The rental price set for an item is entirely your choice, and so is the security deposit.

How can I edit or delete an item that I have posted?

Login to your account, then click on the top right of the screen “My Account”, scroll down to the bottom of your profile and you will see the items you have listed. Alongside your items you will see the option to edit or delete.

How do I search for an item?

Go back to the home page enter the item your looking for in the “What do you need to Borrow box” and type in your postcode. Then select the search radius from the slider. Once you have entered your search parameters you will be taken to the results.

Hover over the item you are interested in and click “Borrow me” and you will be taken to the item information page for a full view of the item. Here you will see the item, location map and comments from other members and if you wish to rent the item enter borrow from date and return date and click instant book. You will then be taken to the breakdown of the costs and click Borro it and off you go.

What if I cannot find what I am looking for?

Sorry about that. As a new company we don’t have everything on there yet! Over time we are sure it will appear. But we can help if you send an email to the team at Borroclub at info@borroclub.co.uk or direct message us on twitter @borroclub.

How does the Borroclub collection service work?

The lender has three options when they post an item.

  1. Choose to handover the item directly to the borrower.
  2. Choose to have the item collected and delivered by Borroclub.
  3. Say you are happy with either option and will let the Borrower decide.

The Borrower will be advised whether the item they want to borrow is available for direct collection from the lender or whether they need to use the Borroclub collection and delivery service. If it is the latter, then a small delivery charge will be incurred.

Where can I find the T&Cs?

You can read our Terms and Conditions here.

Do I need to register on the site?

It is free to join so why not! Then you can be part of our club, you can register here.

What if someone damages or doesn’t return my item?

When you list an item you can enter a security deposit against the item. That money is paid to us and we hold onto it until the transaction is finished, we will then send you an email to ask if the item has been returned in its original condition if you say that all is OK we will pay you the lend income that you are due and we will refund the security deposit to the borrower.  If you are not happy then please let us know ASAP and we will investigate the matter on your behalf.

We understand that this is a really important element for you so we have put together an easy to read infographic which details our 5 Step security process, you can read this clicking here.

I love this idea but I live on my own?

No problem, when you post items on Borroclub you can select to only have your items collected by Borroclub then when the borrower selects your item they will need to choose the Borroclub collection service then you will be meeting a Borroclub representative.

What do you do with my details?

We do not disclose your address on the site.  When somebody wants to borrow an item from you we will pass on your contact details but not your address, you can give this when you organise the exchange, if you opt for our collection service then we will deal with all of the communication.  At no time will we disclose your address.

If we haven’t covered your question here please feel free to email at info@borroclub.co.uk.


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