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    Cool Black Kuhla Mini-Fridge

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    You got the beer, got your mates, and the weekend just rolled round. Now all you need is a cheap but stylish option besides your old, dumpy cooler for the drinks.

    Here's a freestanding tabletop Kuhla mini-fridge for that fucking amazing end-of-sem house party! Whether it's an after-work Christmas ting or a chill birthday gathering, there's this sleek Kuhla with a music amp design that's just sitting in my room BEGGING to be used.

    The Kuhla contains an ice box, bottle rack, a removable wire shelf AND a reversible door. Honestly, what more do you need???

    (Also, tell me it doesn't look twice as cool as any other fridge you've seen. 😏)

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    Nov 19, 2018
    Shaik Syasya

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