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    This 2017 new professional portable photo Continuous lighting Stand soft box With Boom Arm kit

    It is the perfect solution for product shooting and portrait as well as filming for online retailers and commercial product catalog.
    It is a must for photographers and it suits all level.


    * Light stand is more thick,Granular reflective material
    * Five Head lamp holder, switch control shooting small commodity,can control each lamp。
    * Equipped with a fuse, avoid the short circuit fire danger
    * Lamp holder adopts high temperature resistant ceramic lamp holder, to avoid the heat damage
    * Lamp holder after heat treatment, ensure long working hours are not affected

    50x70cm Rectangular Soft Box -Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting.

    Silver internal face can minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
    * White soft cover strengthens the effect of soft light
    * Lamp holder after the installation of the handle, more convenient and practical
    * 125W bulb lightens all space above shooting object to make perfect shooting
    * Heavy bags, balance weight, more perfect

    Package Includes:

    3 x Photo Light Stand
    2 x Softbox set
    1 x EZ Soft box
    2 x Premium Light Socket
    1 x Boom Arm
    10 x 45W video bulb
    1 x 125W video bulb
    1 x Heavy bag
    1 x Free Carry case for the kit

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    Jul 7, 2017
    Rafael Mendes

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