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    Network Lab – CCNA Standard

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    Set of routers, switches, workstations and other equipment essential for home lab to practice for CCNA exam.

    If you are preparing for your CCNA exam, there is nothing like having hands on real equipment, setting up your own lab, using right cabling, listening to hardware's noise, getting your hands dirty. Now you don't need to spend thousands of pounds on expensive devices, you can rent whole lab for as long as necessary (minimum 14 days) and test connections, CLI commands, topologies, etc with a real gear.

    Set includes:

    1 x Cisco Router 1841
    1 x Cisco Router 2811
    2 x Cisco Switch 2960-TT/L
    1 x Cisco Switch 3560 PoE-48
    2 x Workstation (Raspberry Pi)
    1 x KVM switch and cables
    8 x Ethernet cables
    4 x Crossover cables
    2 x Serial cable DTE-DCE
    1 x Console cable
    1 x Power strip + switchable extension for raspberries

    Rental for at least 14 days.

    Fully refundable deposit of £375 required.

    Local collection from SE9 or next day delivery for around £40.

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    Nov 16, 2018

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