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July 15th, 2015

Strategy Eye: BorroClub – Borrowing

Tapping into the ever-growing sharing economy, BorroClub provides a space for users to lend items to each other. BorroClub founder Matt Dredger says it fills the middle ground between selling goods on Ebay and throwing them away – ideal for items that are rarely used that still have some value.

“I was decluttering my home and thought how wasteful it was that I had accumulated lots of items that I hardly used meanwhile somebody else was going out to purchase the same items,” says Dredger. The company claims that the average UK garage contains GBP3,500 (USD5,479) worth of goods (aside from the car) creating a big opportunity for sharing.

BorroClub handles all the payments on its platforms and also offers to collect items for its users. Other features of its site include the option to rate each member and is now looking to offer ways for groups such as charities to make money-lending items.

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