Do we need to buy stuff anymore?

September 28th, 2016

Quite often when you have a job to do you have no other option but to go out and purchase the item you need.

It could be anything such as DIY, travel, kitchen or leisure items.

Here’s an example, if you are going camping for the first time, you go out and spend £100’s on all of the things you need to feel comfortable, but if this your first camping trip and you don’t enjoy it, you have wasted a lot of money and when you return the camping equipment will lie idle, what a waste.

That’s where Borroclub can help.  Borroclub is a marketplace where people share household items with their community.  Borroclub gives you the ability to go camping (and do other things) at a fraction of the cost of buying stuff.

Our mission here at Borroclub is to help people to:

  1. Earn money – The average UK garage holds on average £3,500 worth of items and not all of them are being used all of the time so why not get them working for you whilst you are not using them?
  2. Save money – We all need to use something to fulfil a certain job, then after that we no longer need that item, so why pay the full price?  Instead borrow from somebody that already has that item.
  3. Help the environment – By reusing what we already have it avoids the manufacture of a new item helping to reduce Co2.
  4. Connect with your community – By using our service you get to meet new people within your community, which is just well a nice experience.


Best of all that camping equipment you have just purchased can be listed on Borroclub and each time it is borrowed you start to recoup your initial purchase price and help somebody else avoid going through the same thing.

We have produced a poster to help spread the word.  You can put it up in your office, community centre, basically anywhere you like.

Once you have put it up send us a pic on twitter to @borroclub and we will retweet it.

Download the Borroclub poster here

Thanks for reading and please share this with your world.

All the best, Matt.


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