Your idle assets are just SITTING there

November 10th, 2016

So when I set up Borroclub I imagined it would be a platform for stuff found in the garage purchased by people like me which they/I needed to complete a job, but after that were left just sitting there doing nothing.  You know like a jet washer that is only wheeled out twice a year or the roof box that gets used once a year for the family holiday and so on.

Now that we have reached our 2-year anniversary I thought it would be good to sit back and reflect on what we have achieved and there is no better way to tell you our journey than to give you a real life case study which reflects how my initial idea has morphed.

Before I start it’s important to note that the core of the idea is still the same i.e. we have all got stuff that we do not use enough and we all need stuff that someone else can let us use.  Whilst this hasn’t changed the types of items and the people that are using the service has changed.

So let me introduce Sergiu and Emma.


Sergiu, originally from Romania, now a student living and studying in Birmingham, the home town of Borroclub.

Emma is a business owner who runs a successful events company putting on fun parties for children.



Sergiu had a need.  He wanted to host a dinner party to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.  BUT he didn’t have enough chairs.  So he scoured the internet looking to buy some chairs.  After searching on the internet he found that he would need to spend roughly £70 to buy the chairs for just this one night and then he would need to store them.

Thanks to our friends at Google for ranking us highly Sergiu spotted that we had 10 folding chairs listed for just £10 per day and he also spotted that we could deliver them too.  So I got a call from Sergiu asking if he could rent the chairs and confirming if we would deliver them too.  He couldn’t believe that this type of service existed.  I said yeah sure and a few hours later we had confirmation that he had requested to borrow the chairs.

Emma meanwhile, the owner of the chairs, wasn’t using the chairs during the period that Sergiu needed them and was more than happy for them to be borrowed, especially as it was for such a special event.  We collected the chairs and delivered them the same day, the dinner party went off with a bang and we collected them the following day and returned them to Emma.  Everyone was happy.

So Borroclub has really span off into a different direction than I originally thought.  We are appealing to students who just want access to stuff at a reasonable price, we are allowing businesses to share their items with other people in their local community.

We are making (with the help of the Borroclub community) everyday items available to people to borrow instead of them buying which gets people involved in the circular economy.

Best of all in Sergiu’s apartment block was a poster for Love Your Neighbour on one of the doors (You can see it just behind Sergiu, on the left).  Love Your Neighbour is a great initiative started in Birmingham to bring people together from different backgrounds.  You can find out more about Love Your Neighbour here We feel Borroclub really embraces the Love Your Neighbour ethos.

So in summary we have more than just garage stuff on the site.  Somebody once joked and called us the “Tinder for Drills!”  NO MORE we are now “Tinder for stuff!”

Thanks for reading and please share it, comment and drop me an email if you have any questions

All the best, Matt.

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