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Borroclub is a website where people can share their household items with other people within their local community. Here’s what we have learnt from our members who have used the service:

  • Connect with your community – Our members have met some lovely people through sharing and some have even had a cup of tea together!
  • Help the environment – By re-using what we already own removes the purchase of new items and in turn avoids the production and transportation of new items. As a result you are reducing tons of Co2 through sharing.
  • Earn some extra cash – You can become a micro-entrepreneur making some extra cash from lending out your stuff. For example, one member made over £70 in just 3 weeks from lending out four items.
  • Save money – Why bother buying something costing £100’s when you are only going to use it once. Here’s another example, a family borrowed a roof box and a cool box for their holidays and saved over £300 this helped them to pay for the holiday.
  • Support a local group through sharing – We have some great partners and you can direct all or part of your lend income to help with their great causes, visit our partners page to learn more here.
  • Avoid storage issues – You may not have the storage space required to store an item, fear not there is someone close to you that can lend you their item so you don’t need to store anything.
  • Get the job done – Because you need to hand the item back we have been told by our members that you get the job done.
  • Try before you buy – You can test an item in the real world and then if it appeals to you can make a more informed purchasing decision or if you didn’t like it then you haven’t wasted your hard earned cash.
Oct 28, 2017
Matt Dredger
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