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The costs for using the service are:

  • For the lender it is free to post items.
  • The borrower pays;
    • The lend fee set by the owner multiplied by the number of days.
    • Security deposit – As set by the owner.
    • Borroclub fee – This is our fee and is 25% of the total lend value.
    • Delivery fee – This is only payable if you or the lender choose the collection option.

All the above are listed clearly at checkout before final payment is taken.

25%! That seems a bit steep!
Not really, we take little micro payments to keep the Borroclub service going, here’s an example, if you borrow something for £5 you will pay us £1.25 so you will pay in total £6.25.

Oct 28, 2017
Matt Dredger
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