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September 16th, 2015

Why would you want to use Borroclub? Well there are quite a few reasons:

1. Earn money – The average UK garage holds on average £3,500 worth of items and not all of them are being used all of the time so why not get them working for you whilst you are not using them? By the way there is lots more around the home you can post onto Borroclub.

2. Save money – We all need to use something to fulfil a certain job then after that we no longer need that item, so why pay the full price? Instead borrow from somebody that already has that item.

3. Help the environment – By reusing what we already have it avoids the manufacture of a new item helping to reduce Co2.

4. Connect with your community – By using our service you get to meet new people within your community, which is just… well a nice experience.

5. Try before you buy – There may be something that you really want to purchase but you want to test it in the real world first, borrow it use/test it and then decide if you want to buy it. Or if its not for you then you haven’t wasted your hard earned cash.

6. Get the job done – People that have borrowed an item from our members get the job done because they have to hand it back, so borrowing makes you more productive.

7. Storage space issues – You may not have the storage space to store an item but you need access to it, our members provide this for you.

8. Charitable support – You can have any money you earn directed to one of our partner charities, which means you can do good with your idle goods!

So there are quite a few reasons to use Borroclub, have you signed up yet?

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