Borrowing club lends itself to award success

September 10th, 2015

Inspiration struck when Matt Dredger realized he had accumulated a lot of things in his garage which he only used once or twice a year but did not want to dispose off so could easily be lent to others.

So he came up with the concept of Borroclub, an online platform where people can advertise items to lend, such as car top boxes and camping gear and others can agree to borrow them.

The ‘club’ was only launched at the beginning of January yet it already has over 130 signed up members mostly from around the West Midlands but also much further afield.

Now Matt, aged 43, a father of two who was born in Solihull and attended St Peters Roman Catholic School is our latest Solihull Observer and Marriott Forest of Arden Six of the Best Business Award winner.

Soon he is hoping to expand the Borroclub across the country and so save the nation tens of thousands of pounds in the process.

“The concept is simplicity itself because people signing up to the club advertise items for loan and the fee they want for them and borrowers then go on line to agree the price and make collection arrangements” explained Matt, who spent 27 years in the leasing industry before launching his own enterprise.

“We handle all the transactions and having ensured that both parties are satisfied, we then take a percentage fee from the borrower”

“Besides saving borrowers cash in not having to buy things they’ll only use occasionally and providing revenue for the lenders, Borroclub will begin to form connections with others on the same street and neighbourhood,” he said.

“There are also the obvious environmental advantages of making greater use of existing items rather than buying new ones,” said Matt.

Now he is busy spending his time promoting the club to a growing audience and is also making it available to Age UK and other charities as a fundraiser.

“People lending items can simply nominate their fee to go to their favourite charity,” said Matt.

Marriott Forest of Arden Sales and Marketing Director Matt Cooper said it was often the simple ideas which were the cleverest and he was sure that Matt would make a great success of the Borroclub.

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For this award, we are delighted!

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